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Target practice is the cornerstone of improving shooting skills, but merely shooting rounds downrange won’t guarantee accuracy and precision. To truly enhance your marksmanship, it’s essential to approach target practice with purpose and strategy. In this blog, we’ll explore actionable tips to elevate your accuracy and precision at the range.

Understanding Accuracy vs. Precision: Before delving into tips for improving both, let’s clarify the difference:

  • Accuracy refers to how close your shots are to the intended target.
  • Precision refers to how consistently your shots group together, regardless of their proximity to the target.

Tips for Enhancing Accuracy and Precision:

  1. Proper Stance and Grip:
    • Establish a stable shooting platform by adopting a consistent, balanced stance (such as the Weaver or isosceles).
    • Ensure a firm and consistent grip on the firearm, with the dominant hand positioned high on the backstrap and the support hand providing additional support and control.
  2. Sight Alignment and Sight Picture:
    • Align the front and rear sights properly, ensuring they form a straight line with the target.
    • Focus on the front sight while maintaining a clear sight picture, with the target slightly blurred in the background.
    • Practice consistent sight alignment and sight picture acquisition before each shot to promote accuracy and precision.
  3. Trigger Control:
    • Mastering trigger control is crucial for minimizing movement and maintaining alignment during the shot.
    • Apply smooth, steady pressure to the trigger while focusing on maintaining sight alignment and minimizing disturbance to the sight picture.
    • Practice trigger control drills, such as dry firing or using a shot timer, to refine trigger manipulation skills and develop muscle memory.
  4. Breath Control and Timing:
    • Coordinate trigger squeeze with the natural respiratory pause between breaths to minimize movement and maximize shot consistency.
    • Experiment with different breathing techniques, such as the “half-breath” or “combat breathing,” to find what works best for you.
    • Practice breath control exercises to develop the ability to maintain focus and stability while shooting.
  5. Follow-Through:
    • Maintain proper shooting posture and sight alignment even after the shot breaks to ensure consistent follow-through.
    • Resist the urge to immediately relax or adjust grip after firing, as this can disrupt shot placement.
    • Analyze shot placement and adjust accordingly based on feedback from each shot.

Conclusion: By implementing these target practice tips, you can enhance both accuracy and precision, taking your marksmanship to new heights. At Precision Armory, we’re dedicated to helping shooters refine their skills and achieve their goals. For further guidance or to explore our training offerings, contact us at (702) 852-2588.

Remember, precision starts with practice and purpose.